There’s a fine line between fishing
and standing on the shore like an idiot

— Nina Malkin

Jan Ardui offers tailor-made training, coaching, and consulting. His interventions lead to change, learning, and growth in teams, individuals, and companies. Jan’s passion is to discover, identify, and refine excellence by embracing the authentic characteristics of people and systems.


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I met Jan in many cultural change projects whether for Barilla or Telecom Italia. His contribution made the difference in terms of organizational understanding, management commitment, behavioural alignment to business priorities and long-term vision. Furthermore he is a unique individual coach.

— Mario Di Loreto, Head of People Value, Telecom Italia Group


Over the past 15 years, Jan has been developing unique models for accompanying individuals and systems. These models are part of an integrative and embodied approach to people and organizations, which he calls ‘Systemic Presence’. Systemic Presence combines open and non-judgmental attention, refined observation, and multi-levelled pattern detection. Together these abilities provide a qualitative way of tuning into a system, getting freely lost in its complexity, and thence profoundly recognizing its unique characteristics.

An important principle is to avoid attempting to change something even when it appears highly desirable to do so. Systemic Presence is an invitation not to change anything. It creates a climate that helps bring forth a natural process of growth. Change or transformation is an effect, never an outcome. This practice inspires one to be aware of and utilize anything that is present; nothing is to be eliminated. Recognizing the right value of all elements allows the unique choreography of a system to unfold in a beautiful natural way.

The development vision for Bpost is to evolve towards a great place to learn. Jan excels in facilitating this process in his authentic way and is a much-appreciated guest in our leadership programs.

— Jocelyne De Pessemier, Learning & Development manager in Bpost


May 2015

5-8 Training: Executive master: Coaching and motivating people Chiesi Farmaceutici Barcelona
14-17 Executive coaching course International academy for Coaching and Leadership Moscow
22-24 NLP master practitioner: Patterning and modeling PNL Meta Milan
27-29 Training: Leadership excellence program Barilla Parma

June 2015

5-7 Training: Inspirational leadership PNL Meta Bologna
10-11 Executive team coaching Telecom Italia Rome
15-16 Team coaching: Towards a sparkling team energy Rentokil-Initial Milan
17 Conference: Stimulating humble authority in top management The European House – Ambrosetti Rome

Jan’s contribution was really stimulating and meaningful. I appreciated the fact that he helped the team to find the answers inside themselves and by themselves. With such a style and technique we have been able to interiorize the inputs transforming them in practical ways of working.

– Alberto Zanata, President of Electrolux Professional


Going through my coaching process with Jan really made a difference in both my efficiency and impact as a leader but also my serenity as an individual. Jan managed to help me leverage my strengths to the utmost and feel completely aligned with my values.

– Virginie Ginsbourger European Sales Director at Luxottica Group


Over the years, Jan worked with a variety of international companies and organizations. The different projects mostly evolve into long-term partnerships.
The intensive cooperation leads to a win-win situation in which excellence can flourish. Thanks to a durable relationship Jan understands more about the unique characteristics and specific needs of the system and thanks to that, he can refine his interventions. The company/organization knows more about what they can expect and utilize Jan’s expertise.
This usually results in a strong sense of gratitude and generosity for both sides.













Jan’s work is generative and systemic, emphasizing whole-system change, and focused on high level issues such as identify and purpose. The results he achieves are rich, profound and ecological. I can’t think of anyone who is a better representative of Next Generation NLP.

— Robert Dilts, developer, author and trainer in the field of NLP


The coaching model

The challenge

The collaboration

Jan talks about the importance of feedback and how managers can benefit from an increased awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

The challenge for a manager is to be demanding and supportive at the same time. Jan explains how managers can create productive learning environments.

This video is about strategies for coaching a team. Jan answers questions like: ‘How can a manager foster Generative Collaborations?’

Discovering the profound knowledge of yourself and the truth that lies inside, is the first step that Jan helps you take towards achieving new and fascinating motivations.

– Luca Barilla, Vice President, Barilla Group

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Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

— John W. Gardner